(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
v. t. upbraid, chide, reprove; criticize, blame; hit, knock, pan (all sl.). —n. reproof, blame, criticism, disapproval. See disapprobation, condemnation.
(Roget's IV) n.
Syn. criticism, reproof, admonition; see blame 1 , objection 2 .
Syn. criticize, blame, condemn, reprehend, denounce, judge, reprove, reprimand, rebuff, rebuke, reproach, upbraid, scold, attack, admonish, denigrate, tear apart, pull apart, pick apart, get after, dress down, snap at, bark at, tell off, animadvert, disapprove, impugn, disparage, deprecate, depreciate, lecture, take to task, berate, discipline, chastise, carp at, incriminate, asperse, cavil, nitpick, remonstrate, fault, find fault with, frown upon, moralize upon, look askance, chide, ostracize, castigate, comment upon, decry, inveigh against, damn, reprobate, exclaim against, fulminate against, cast blame upon, cast a slur upon, bring into discredit, discountenance, contemn, blackball, bad-mouth*, shoot down*, curse out, cuss out*, call down*, cry down*, slam*, blast*, sit on*, rip into*, light into*, hit out at*, knock*, call on the carpet*, rake over the coals*, haul over the coals*, rap on the knuckles*, chew out*, throw the first stone*, cast the first stone*, throw stones at*, give a good talking to, take a dim view of, not speak well of, not be able to say much for, come down on*, pick holes in*, tell a thing or two*, tear into*, give one hell*, cut up*, jump on*, cut one down to size*, give a piece of one's mind*, jump down one's throat*, bring to book*, read the riot act*, put down*, rap*, pan*, trash*, bash*; see also denounce , scold .
Ant. praise*, laud, commend.
Syn.- censure implies the expression of severe criticism or disapproval by a person in authority or in a position to pass judgment; condemn and denounce both imply an emphatic pronouncement of blame, guilt, or reprehensibility, condemn suggesting the rendering of a judicial or other final decision, and denounce , public accusation against people or acts; reprehend suggests sharp or severe disapproval, generally of faults, errors, etc. rather than of people; blame stresses the fixing of responsibility for an error, fault, etc.; criticize , in this comParison, is the most general term for finding fault with or disapproving of a person or thing
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus)
disapproval, condemnation, reprehension, rebuke, admonition, criticism, objection, remonstrance, reproof.
ANT.: approval, blessing, praise
disapprove, condemn, rebuke, admonish, criticize, object, remonstrate, denounce, reproach, reprimand.
ANT.: approve, bless, praise
(Roget's Thesaurus II) I noun A comment expressing fault: blame, condemnation, criticism, denunciation, reprehension, reprobation. Informal: pan. Slang: knock. See PRAISE. II verb 1. To find fault with: blame, criticize, fault, rap1. Informal: cut up, pan. Slang: knock. See PRAISE. 2. To feel or express strong disapproval of: condemn, denounce, deplore, reprehend, reprobate. See PRAISE.

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